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Editorial: Blame Albany for gouging homebuyers

The Buffalo News. News Editorial Board.

It’s one of those stories that is easy to pass over: the costs of title insurance in New York. But it described a practice that costs New York homebuyers hundreds of dollars in extra closing costs and, in some cases, thousands of dollars. Albany allows it...

OneTitle CEO Warns Regulatory Change ‘Leaves No Flexibility’

Law360. Written by Andrew McIntyre.

A new regulation that bans New York title insurance companies from offering inducements to potential clients will fundamentally change the landscape for an industry long accustomed to the practice, OneTitle National Guaranty Co. Inc. CEO Daniel Price told Law360 in a recent interview. The change, known...

Important Information about Regulation 208

Alan M. Doran, OneTitle General Counsel

The major legal changes last week prompted many questions from clients. We want you to have the facts you need to protect yourself and avoid the misinformation. The major points: Regulation 208 is fully in effect. No legislation passed that changes the regulation in any way. ...