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Important Information about Regulation 208

Alan M. Doran, OneTitle General Counsel

The major legal changes last week prompted many questions from clients. We want you to have the facts you need to protect yourself and avoid the misinformation. The major points: Regulation 208 is fully in effect. No legislation passed that changes the regulation in any way. ...

Buying a House at Auction: Is It Worth It?

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Read OneTitle's EVP and GC Alan Doran in an article by Laura Agadoni on Liens and Title Defects  You're taking a risk when you buy a house and don't know whether there's a clear title. Maybe the proper paperwork was never filed, and someone will pop...

Understanding The Economics Of Title Insurance

By Alan M. Doran and Rachel D. Jaffe on Law360

Title insurance economics — at both the industry and company levels — are widely questioned, often because title insurance has diametric characteristics compared to other forms of insurance, including basic underwriting theory, the time period covered, loss ratios, the way in which risk is priced,...