Residential Services

At OneTitle, residential transactions get the same level of direct service, sophistication and expertise previously only available for the largest commercial transactions.  This makes life easier for attorneys, lenders, brokers, buyers and sellers.

And we do it all for dramatically less, so buying and refinancing homes are more affordable. Our low premiums and fees make attorneys, lenders and brokers look like heroes to their clients and shatter the myth that premium rates are set by law.

Direct service makes a huge difference. At OneTitle, attorneys, lenders, brokers and homebuyers have direct access to senior decision-makers at the underwriter without any agents or middlemen. That means that transactions close faster, more easily with less work for you.

We are a full-service company, offering real property and cooperative lien searches, and escrow and recording services, in addition to the full range of title insurance products.

Whether you’re an attorney, loan officer, homebuyer or homeowner, we look forward to working with you.