Why work with us?

We make attorneys’ lives easier, save you time and make you look like a hero by cutting your clients’ residential and commercial closing costs.

OneTitle is the only exclusively-direct title insurer in the United States. We are not a title agent or abstract company and we don’t force our clients to use middlemen. All of this adds up to one simple fact: when you call OneTitle, you talk directly to
decision-makers who resolve complex issues quickly, correctly and proactively.

No other underwriter gives you that kind of access on every transaction. And access means speed, accuracy and efficiency.

We know that your time and reputation are valuable, so we resolve issues upfront, meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Many title agents, on the other hand, have limited in-house expertise and even more limited underwriting authority. When complex title issues arise, they have to ask an underwriter for help or permission, leaving attorneys waiting for answers. As a direct-only writer, we give attorneys access to underwriter-level expertise previously available on only large commercial transactions. Our underwriting team has deep experience and has completed thousands of real estate transactions in the past decade.

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Protection of client funds. We designed OneTitle from the ground-up to maximize safety and security for you and your clients, eliminating the risks that attorneys face when they work through middlemen.
As the only exclusively-direct, regulated insurance company, OneTitle controls the entire underwriting process and maintains custody of the escrow funds so that you and your clients don’t need to entrust funds to title agents. This level of control protects client funds, prevents theft of escrow funds and ensures that transaction documents are recorded promptly.

The result: your reputation and livelihood are protected from potentially devastating risks.

Furthermore, OneTitle maintains the highest standards for underwriting and utilizes advanced software to protect your clients’ nonpublic information and prevent fraud. The company is a member of the American Land Title Association and adheres to ALTA best practices.

Financial strength. A $1.5 billion reinsurer rated A-(Excellent) by A.M. Best directly backs each policy over $250,000. In addition, we are private-equity backed with significant financial resources. OneTitle has the financial capacity to take on critical commerical and residential transactions and routinely insures transactions large and small. This gives OneTitle clients dramatically expanded safety and peace of mind.

Our strong, clean balance sheet means no legacy policy liabilities. Moreover, as the sole direct-only title insurer—without any traditional independent title agents—we eliminated the single greatest financial risk: escrow theft by independent agents.

OneTitle is authorized to provide title insurance for all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and HUD loans, as well as jumbo, commercial, and other non-conforming loans.

OneTitle National Guaranty Company is licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

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OneTitle uses game-changing technology that is decades ahead of our competitors, many of whom still use paper files and outmoded database systems.
Agents with these older systems often cannot respond quickly to status requests, and routinely lose track of information or fail to record documents in a timely way. We ensure the highest standards for underwriting, employ and utilize cutting-edge software to protect nonpublic information.

Our underwriting process minimizes paper. Our servers are SSAE-16 and PCI-DSS compliant, with redundant backup and rapid disaster recovery. Our advanced, proprietary software gives you encrypted and secure access to all of your files, even after closing. Our system also makes it incredibly easy to see file status in real-time, clear exceptions, and get to the closing table faster and with fewer problems.

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Our premiums are up to 25% lower than our major competitors. Lower closing costs — using OneTitle’s lower premiums — makes attorneys look like heroes to their clients.
With our lower rates, we shattered the myths that all title insurance rates are set by law and that all companies charge the same amount. Of course, we offer exactly the same coverage—with even more security, including direct backing of individual policies by a $1.5 billion global reinsurer.

When you include the savings from our much lower fees, OneTitle saves clients 20-40% on most transactions, while our major competitors work together and file identical rates.

The total savings are significant: nearly $1,000 on a typical $1,000,000 purchase (80% LTV) or $84,000 on a typical $100 million purchase (70% LTV). When you save clients that much money, their appreciation often translates into referrals and long-term loyalty. Click here to get started with our rate calculator.

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OneTitle focuses on the markets we know best. Local underwriting and
closing talent ensures a smooth process, quick turnaround and seamless communication.
You will never have to explain local market conventions or factors to an out-of-state underwriter.
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