Title co. identifies excess insurance costs

Title co. identifies excess insurance costs

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A recent study by OneTitle National Guaranty Company has found that New York City residential and commercial real estate buyers spent $81.2m in excess title insurance costs in 2016, costing the average buyer an extra $1,739 or 24.7%.

The study’s findings are based on an analysis of 46,699 individual real estate transactions totaling $156.1 billion in New York City in 2016. It includes purchases totaling $156.1 billion, reflecting the majority of transactions in 2016. The first [1] annual analysis from OneTitle documenting excess spending on title insurance released in June 2016 showed the impact of high-cost title insurance across New York State in 2015, but didn’t include Staten Island due to a lack of available data.

The largest potential savings were in Manhattan at $32m. Buyers in Queens and Brooklyn also lost out on potential savings, at $21.1m and $19.2m, respectively. Buyers in the Bronx and Staten Island could have saved $5.1m and $4.6m. On the average transaction under $200,000, buyers spent an extra 47% in title-related costs. For the largest transactions, the extra cost totaled well over $100,000 per transaction.

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