“The Title Insurance Scam”

“The Title Insurance Scam”

New York Times

This morning, 2.2 million people—including your clients—are reading the New York Times editorial that says “borrowers are overcharged for title insurance…inflated by lack of competition in the title insurance market.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  OneTitle is changing the landscape.  Our lower premium rates, vastly lower fees and transparent business practices save your clients money, save you time, improve safety and security for everyone, and make you look good.  We are the better option the New York Times is looking for.

If you are already a OneTitle client, tell your clients today that you are on their side, saving them money and helping them to avoid “the title insurance scam.”  This is a great marketing opportunity for you.  Send this editorial to your clients and tell them how you and your partners at OneTitle are helping them…and then watch the referrals roll in.  If you are not yet a OneTitle client, call us today to join the future before you get the uncomfortable call from your client.

Read the full editorial here.

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